Exciting Announcement

In response to a burgeoning number of ideas I've had for baseball-related topics in recent days, I'm going to be starting a new format for the blog. The noon post will be a short-ish baseball-related blurb, and the 5pm post will be on whatever topic I choose (like most of the stuff on this blog).

So, the Historical Baseball Blurb series starts tomorrow. They will pertain to people and topics in a loosely chronological order, as I'm taking most of my inspiration from the New Bill James. However the things that really interest me might have only interested him marginally, so I intend to pursue the things he mentions in more depth. Hopefully we all learn something and get some cool stories out of it!

Also, given that the blog has been so heavily baseball-related recently, take heart! Also upcoming should be some James Bond stuff, some more serious topics, and hopefully more nonsense. There hasn't been nearly enough nonsense...

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