I hereby christen thee...

Welcome to A Measure of Surface.

This will be my pet activity; calling it a project would be an overstatement. I like to write. I write my thoughts when they are keeping me up at night, I write through problems that I have (academic, personal, etc.), and I write for leisure. It is therapy and entertainment.

I intend to fill these electronic pages with those various writings: some of them quite serious, some very much otherwise. Among the contents readers will find: arguments, lists, aphorisms, witticisms, thoughts, measured discourse, commentary, and prose and poetry aimless or otherwise. I hope to be both didactic and entertaining.

It is not my intention to proselytize in any way. I will not solicit followers, and I have made an effort to reduce my contact with the Internet community. The user interface is sparse. Nominally public is exactly what I wish to be. Commenting is freely available to everyone, as reasoned discourse does not eschew criticism. That said, I do not argue on the Internet.

I will also maintain anonymity, to the extent I can. Sufficient biographical information: I am an American law student.

"A Measure of Surface" is a silly name, but it abbreviates well and has already grown on me.

Thank you, enjoy.

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