From The Series "Through A Symposium, Inattentive": Baseball Haiku

The following were written during a symposium I was forced to attend but in which I had no interest whatsoever. The following is of low quality.

A Haiku for Aroldis Chapman

Glaring through my face
Fanning guys with fireballs
Scares me very much

A Haiku for Jonathan Schoop

High hopes for this kid
Please be good at second, please?
Please please please please please?

A Haiku for Kris Medlen

Hot stuff last year, pal!
I wonder if you'll repeat?
Rooting for you, bud!

A Haiku for Eric Hosmer

BABIP messed you up
Want you for average pitching
Man my hot corner

A Haiku for Bruce Rondon

I had to drop you
Your salary was too high
I'll get you back soon

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